Sunday, October 23, 2011

Repsonse to Zoe Weil

Initially, when I saw the length of this speech I was a little disheartened but the time flew by.  She pulled me in with her Star Trek analogy and then  kept my interest by speaking on issues that are both relevant and necessary.  I'm not sure if the Star Trek world she spoke of would ever exist, but what a different world we certainly would be living in.
I have never heard of Humane Education but it is something that needs to be taught from day 1 in the education system.  If it was Main St would still be a possibility, Wal-Mart would not own the entire United States and McDonalds would cease to occupy every third block.
The truth is that the government would never allow those things to occur.  Education leaders would never allow those things to occur, there is too much money wrapped up in Wal-Mart and McDonalds.  I think that if you could reach one student and impart this wisdom on them then your Humane Education classroom would be a smashing success.