Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Response to John Robinson Videos

This speaker was able to hit on so many points that I agree with it was unbelievable.  I have a lot of problems with the way the country relies on pharmaceuticals and has to "diagnose" everybody.  It is my belief that the time of geniuses, people like Einstein, Picasso or Jerry Garcia, has passed us by.  Those individuals would simply be placed on medication now due to their eccentricities that parents or teachers would find to be abnormal.  It goes back to the idea that Robinson spoke about, the government, both world and the United States, wants to create individuals that will go to work and become cogs in a failing economy.
I particularly enjoyed the comparison that Mr. Robinson made between education, the world and fast food.  Everything in this country has become standardized, nothing is unique and things that are unique are quickly eliminated and purchased by larger conglomerates.  I'm not entirely sure how this trend will ever end, but I am hoping to be a part of it as a teacher.
A last thing that I find unsettling about America is the promotion and cultural acceptance of tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs.  All of these items have killed people prematurely, created higher medical bills and continued to dumb down this country for as long as it has been around.  As long as social norms like getting blacked out drunk every Friday night continue to exist, America stands little to no chance of regaining its place as a world leader.